Queen Beatrix to abdicate throne

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in Vries
Image: Emiel Ketelaar.

On Monday at 19:00 local time (1800 UTC), Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands held a speech on radio and television, announcing she will abdicate the throne on April 30. Prince Willem-Alexander is to become King of the Netherlands.

Prior to the Queen's announcement, local media suggested she would abdicate. Following the Queen's address, Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte's response was broadcast.

In her speech, she stated her main considerations for laying down the Crown were the culmination of several events; among those are her 75th birthday on January 31, and the upcoming celebration of the 200-year anniversary of the Dutch monarchy. She also stated the "time has come for a new generation to take responsibility." ((nl))Dutch language: ‍de verantwoordelijkheid voor ons land nu in handen van een nieuwe generatie moet liggen. The Queen expressed her gratitude toward the people of the Dutch Kingdom for their ongoing support during her reign.