Pope Benedict XVI to visit Benin in 2011

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pope Benedict in 2010

It has been announced that Pope Benedict XVI will make a three day visit to Benin, Africa. Starting on November 18 next year, it will be his second Papal visit to Africa, the continent where the Roman Catholic Church is growing fastest.

An announcement made by The Vatican on Friday says the Pope will deliver guidance for the Church of Africa to several Catholic leaders. The document had been discussed at the synod of African Bishops last year.

The pontiff's prior African trip was to Angola and Cameroon last year. That garnered controversy after he said condoms were complicating anti-AIDS efforts. Recently he has accepted their use to be morally justifiable in some circumstances to prevent spread of the disease.

So far four visits have been announced for the Pope, with visits to Croatia, Spain, and his homeland of Germany as well as Benin planned next year.