Police shut down Edmonton pizza restaurant for illegally delivering alcohol

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Edmonton police have closed down an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada pizza restaurant for a single day for delivering alcoholic beverages despite not being licensed to do so. It is unclear when this incident occurred, but the CBC reported that it occurred "recently", after police searched the shop in September.

File photo of empty pizza boxes.
Image: Connie at Flickr.

The alcohol was being delivered in paper bags and pizza boxes, with the same delivery vehicles used to deliver pizza. Curtis Hoople, a Sergeant in the Edmonton Police Service, says that alcohol was also being sold within the restaurant's premises.

It is estimated that the seized alcohol was worth around CAD$4,000, Hoople said.

Four of the restaurant's employees were issued a summons, and were accused of violating the Gaming and Liquor Act.

Police have not named the restaurant in question.