Plans set in motion for the removal of Bob Barr as the Libertarian Party's U.S. presidential nominee

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Former Congressman Bob Barr
Image: Commissioned by Bob Barr.

Controversies surrounding Libertarian U.S. presidential nominee and former congressman Bob Barr intensified on Friday afternoon.

There is now a serious effort by some in the Libertarian Party to remove Barr as its presidential nominee. In order for this to happen, the matter must be voted upon by members of the Libertarian National Committee. A motion has been written calling for Barr's removal and at least one representative has expressed a willingness to make it. If and when the motion is seconded, it will be brought to a vote. The motion can be read in its entirety below.

The motion is in response to Barr's refusal to attend former Republican presidential hopeful Congressman Ron Paul's third party unity conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Wednesday.

Barr instead decided to hold a press conference of his own two hours after Paul's at the same location.

"I'm not interested in third parties getting the most possible votes," Barr told reporters. "I'm interested in Bob Barr as the nominee for the Libertarian Party getting the most possible votes."

Should the members of the Libertarian Party remove Bob Barr as their presidential nominee?

Several of Barr's supporters were furious with his remarks, some even going so far as to retract their endorsements of him. Bloggers quickly picked up on the story and by Thursday evening there was an Internet frenzy, which continued into Friday.

Removal motion

WHEREAS, Article 12, Section 5 of the Libertarian Party’s bylaws provide for the suspension of the party’s presidential candidate by the Libertarian National Committee; and

WHEREAS, said bylaws provision requires a 3/4 vote of this body; BE IT KNOWN that Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party’s 2008 presidential nominee, is hereby suspended on the basis of the following causes:

- Failure to appear, with little or no notice, at a major media event to which he had been invited and to which he had committed to appear;

- Vicious public attacks by his campaign staff on the character and reputation of the event’s host (1988 Libertarian Party presidential nominee Ron Paul) and sponsor (Campaign For Liberty);

- The disrepute and discredit which the aforementioned misbehaviors have brought upon the Libertarian Party.

The committee advises Barr that he has seven (7) days to appeal this action to the party’s Judicial Committee. Absent a successful appeal, his nomination will be deemed null and void and he will be replaced as the party’s presidential nominee.

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