Pennsylvania father kills two daughters, wife, then commits suicide

Sunday, November 14, 2010

File photo of crime scene tape
Image: [puamelia].
Cquote1.svg They were a happy family, never seen them argue or nothing Cquote2.svg

—Olivia Shultz, Resident

A father shot his two daughters and wife, then committed suicide yesterday in Erie, Western Pennsylvania according to police.

The Erie police responded to a call from the house at 11 a.m. on Saturday and found a 29-year-old man, a 27-year-old woman and two children, ages four and seven dead of gunshot wounds. A two-year old boy was hospitalised with minor injuries; he was reportedly shot in the ear.

A resident, Kevin Klino, who lives one block away from the crime scene and heads the Citizens Reunited Against Crime group told the Associated Press, "I was outside just leaving my house when I heard gunfire, four, five, or six shots... and seconds later, cop cars came flying by." Klino was quick to talk to the police and informed the community that a gunman was not on the loose, rather, a suspected murder-suicide.

Klino also added, "This is an impoverished neighborhood with a lot of good people in it. People were just walking through the neighborhood stunned. It's not even a tragedy, it's worse than that... when you've got kids involved, it just numbs you, shocks you"