Party involving 500 youths in Australia causes A$20,000 in damages

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A raucous party thrown at a suburban home in Melbourne, Australia which terrorized the neighbourhood during the night of 12-13 January may cost a Narre Warren youth, aged 16, $20,000 in liabilities for police time and resources, including attacks upon police cars that resulted in smashed windshields.

The police needed use of the police helicopter, dog squad and police from neighbouring towns to break up the mob of drunken youths, thought to number around 500.

According to reports, a teenage boy variously identified as Corey Delaney extended an invitation over the Internet, using the social networking site MySpace. The boy's parents have been on holiday on the Gold Coast. They came home early to speak to their son. The parents said the boy was not meant to be at the house, instead staying at a friend's house.

The youth later said "I do feel sorry for everyone in the area. It was really unfair what happened to them and throwing bottles and breaking stuff. I'm sorry that it all happened."

The youth was arrested on January 16, along with a friend, after refusing to be questioned. There are claims circulating that a cover charge of between $1 and $10 (AUD) was collected for entry to the party, which may be investigated.

Victoria State Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon has called for a report into the cost of the police response to the party.

Two teenagers who attended the party, a 16 year old and a 17 year old have subsequently been charged with producing child pornography.