PTS Taiwan holds "Why Democracy?" the Movie Pre-launch Seminar to examine the democratic process in Taiwan

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

VIPs of this seminar (From left to right): Wen-tang Cheng (Film Director in Taiwan), Chien-jen Tsai (Chief Editor of Taiwan Lihpao), Thomas Chin-peng Peng (Secretary General of Taiwan Competitiveness Forum), Chi-chang Hung (Chairman of Straits Exchange Foundation, Taiwan), Ron Rong-chuan Chen (Executive Director of Newtaiwanese Cultural Foundation), Yuan-hui Hu (President and CEO of Public Television Service, Taiwan).

Prior to the October 8 global launch of the political documentary film "Why Democracy?", Public Television Service Taiwan (PTS Taiwan) held a preview seminar and invited some professionals at Eslite Bookstore Tung-nan Branch, Taipei City today.

"Because we noticed on the importance of the democratic process in Taiwan, PTS Taiwan imported this series film from Netherlands. I hope that citizens, governmental level, and academic professionals in Taiwan can learn some experiences from the series movie." Yuan-huei Hu said. "Without democracy, Teng-hui Lee and Shui-bian Chen won't be the elected President of the Republic of China." Ron Chen remarked at opening.

Executive Panel of this seminar. From left to right: Chien-jen Tsai, Thomas Peng, Joanna Lei (KMT Legislator), Chi-chang Hung, Wen-tang Cheng, Ming-ming Huang (News anchor of PTS Taiwan).

At the Executive Panel, Thomas Peng pointed out problems of politics and democratic process in Taiwan, and mentioned the disadvantage such as bribery at voting and process of a election on the movie "Please Vote For Me" ever happened in Taiwan. "Democracy has its advantage or not." Peng said. "A leader should play a suitable role after elected by supporters with their anticipation and understand what they need." Chi-chang Hung said.

Even though the documentary film Please Vote For Me is directed by Wei-jun Chen (Producer of Wuhan Television), but due to the political problem, this film is available world-wide except China. "If we review this film without political factor, this series film exposed some experiences and problems in some of democratic countries." Wen-tang Cheng (Film Director in Taiwan) mentioned after the highlights played at the seminar.

"This series film will be suitable for persons who has a great expect on politics and democracies in Taiwan. Governments in Taiwan should learn some valuable experiences from this series film whether those experiences are good or not. If governmental person can understand those meanings in this film, politics and democracy in Taiwan will have a good process." Chien-jen Tsai (Chief Editor of Taiwan Lihpao) said at Executive Panel.

After the seminar, PTS Taiwan predicted that more than 300 million people in 200 countries will watch this series film and attract some discussions and topics on politics and democracy. The two sponsors of this series film are Taiwan Competitiveness Forum and New Taiwanese Cultural Foundation.


This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.