Ontario, Canada Health Minister set to marry this summer

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ontario's Health Minister/Deputy Premier George Smitherman, 43, will wed his long time partner this summer, August 5. The couple also hopes to adopt a child.

Christopher Peloso, 33, who is Smitherman's partner, works for a large chocolate company called Lindt. The couple met 10 years ago. Smitherman proposed on Christmas Day in Peloso's home of Sudbury, Ontario.

"Christopher had decided that he, at least, should wear a white or cream-coloured tuxedo, so I bought him one and slipped a little note in there," said Smitherman. "This is my greatest foray into romance to date."

The wedding will take place at Laurentian Lodge, a wilderness resort near the northern city of Sudbury, Ontario. It will not be formal and a beach party will take place after the wedding.

Smitherman is the first openly gay cabinet minister in the province of Ontario.

When asked what Smitherman will wear to the ceremony, he was quoted jokingly saying: "Probably a thong."