Officials report 29 rebels killed in Yemen after clashes

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yemeni media have said that clashes between local fighters and government forces in the southern part of the country have killed at least 29 Shi'ite rebels.

Yemen, on map of Arabia and Northern Africa (2007)
Image: Ief, Vardion.

Military sources said that the army opened fire at the rebels in Harf Sufyan. Officials have said that some rebel leaders, among them Abdullah Ali al-Qallat, were among those killed.

In southern Yemen, SABA news agency reported that separatist rebels opened fire on troops, which prompted the Yemeni army to retaliate.

After the clashes on Tuesday, security forces arrested about 30 people who they say are connected to criminal activity. There was no independent confirmation of the reports.

127 of the rebels, also referred to as Huthis, were arrested since the offensive started in mid-August.

SABA reported that 44 of those were referred to Yemeni courts on grounds of "killing and aggression" against the authorities.