ONCE defeats Getafe 86-36 in Spain's top level wheelchair basketball league

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saturday in a game played at Colegio San Agustin in Madrid in Spain's top level wheelchair basketball league, CD Fundosa ONCE decisively beat Getafe BSR 86–36. ONCE, with 2012 Summer Paralympics Australian international Bill Latham and British international Terry Bywater, came into the game with a multi-game winning streak in which they averaged 79 points while holding their opponents to an average of 31.5 points.

A Getafe players takes a shot during the first half
Image: Laura Hale.

Coming to the game with several loud chanting fans and a drum, Getafe scored the first point of the game about 15 seconds into it off a free throw made by Polish player Krzysztof Bandura. ONCE got the ball, and quickly scored 2 points.

With 8:34 left in the first quarter, Getafe led 3–2. Cuidad Real local Francisco S. Lara was doing a lot of early shooting and rebounding for Getafe.

By the time there was 6:42 left in the first quarter, ONCE had pulled ahead with an 8–5 lead. Gexto native Carlos Medina kept his team in it, scoring two points with 5:10 left in the first. Terry Bywater tried a behind the back pass at 4:45 left in the first that resulted in turning the ball over to Getafe. With 4:08 left in the first, Bywater made a 3 pointer that tied the score up at 13–13. Shortly after that, ONCE had a player get a personal foul, turning the ball over to Getafe who were unable to hold onto it.

With 2:20 left in the first, ONCE led 15–13 and a timeout was called. Players took the opportunity to re-hydrate. From this point, ONCE never lost the lead. A few seconds after the timeout, they made a 2 pointer to bring the score to 17–13. They built on that for a score of 19–13 with 1:00 minute left in the first. Bywater committed a personal foul in the remaining minute, falling over in his wheelchair while committing it.

With a few seconds left in the first, ONCE scored and Getafe was unable to get a shot up in the remaining seconds. The first quarter ended 21–13.

Getafe scored first in the second quarter. ONCE was unable to answer back on their run down the court, with Getafe getting the ball back and also being unable to score. The start of the second saw ONCE more aggressive than Getafe, earning a few personal fouls.

The Getafe coach verbally expressed his frustration his team's lack of rebounding at 7:42 in the second. Shortly after that, he made a substitution. By the time there was 7:09 left in the second, ONCE led 26–17. They added another two points at 6:09 to bring the score to 28–17.

With 5:17 left in the second, ONCE forced a turn over, and made a substitution with Spanish international Paul Zarzuela coming out. Getafe committed personal fouls at 4:00 and 3:46 left in the second. With 3:39 left on the clock, the score was 30–17. Jerez de la Frontera native Alejandro Zarzuela made a pair of free throws shortly after that to bring the score to 32–17.

Getafe took a timeout, and made a substitution, bringing in Virginia Perez, the team's only female player. With 3:11 left in the second quarter, Spanish international Rafael Muiño scored an easy layup for ONCE to bring the score to 34–17. With 2:47 left, Getafe made another substitution, taking Swiss international Maurice Amacher out.

Getafe sent ONCE to the free throw line at 2:31 but ONCE was unable to make either basket. With 2:29 left in the second, Zarzuela needed a wheel change. At 2:17, Connecticut native Ryan T. Martin shot an air ball. At 2:09, Bill Latham was at the line for ONCE, making his first free throw but missing his second. With 1:44 left, Getafe scored for the first time since the eighth minute of the second quarter. Getafe fouled Latham, who went to line and successfully converted the three-point play.

With 1:11 left in the second and the score at 41–19, the Getafe coach threw his clipboard on the ground. With less than a minute left in the half, Getafe spent a lot of time playing with the ball and almost had a shot clock violation, before turning the ball over. ONCE capitalized on it to score, ending the half with a score of 43–19.

The third quarter started with Getafe possession, but the team quickly turned the ball over, followed by Canary Islands native Daniel Serapio committing a foul against ONCE. At 9:21 left in the third, the first points of the quarter were scored, bringing the game to 45–19 in a three point play that Latham successfully finished to bring the score to 46–19. At 8:49, Medina took a shot for Getafe and missed. ONCE got the rebound, only for Getafe to foul them. At 8:33, Getafe made a substitution, taking Serapio out and putting Madrid native Angel Silvela in. At 8:00 left, Getafe got their first points of the quarter when Medina made two points to bring the score to 46–21.

Tucek fixes his wheel
Image: Laura Hale.

At the 7:29 mark in the third, Getafe got a rebound off an ONCE shot turned the ball over to ONCE who then scored two points bringing the score to 48–21. At 7:11 left, Czech player Petr Tucek subbed out after his behind small wheel came off.

ONCE subbed three people in at the 6:17 mark, bringing in Madrid native Carlos Vera, Barcelona native Jaume Llambi, and Pablo Zarzuela. Alejandro Zarzuela scored one of his two free throw attempts at 6:09 to bring the score to 49–23. ONCE scored another basket at the 5:39 mark. Getafe's Medina made a pass to no one at 5:18, but his team managed to get the ball back — but were unable to get their own rebound. Getafe made a substitution at the 5:01 mark, with Lara coming in for Madrid native Jose Angel Mingo.

Pablo Zarzuela went to the free throw line for ONCE, missing both shots for score of 52–23. He recovered his rebound, missed with Latham getting the rebound and making the shot at the 4:34 mark in the third.

Bandura got a shot up for Getafe at the 4:29 mark but missed. ONCE scored 2 points at 4:05 to bring the score to 56–23. Bandura scored Getafe's next points at the 3:29 mark for the game to be 58–25. At 3:07, the score is 58–27. At the 2:28 mark, Rodríguez gets an ONCE rebound, Latham gets the ball, shoots and misses. ONCE got their own rebound and scored 2 points to bring the game to 60–27 at the 2:15 mark. They quickly got another 2 points, and a timeout was called at 1:57 left in the third. Tucek had successfully re-attached his wheel but was not subbed in. Getafe's Iranian international Morteza Gharibloo made a three point shot attempt that was an airball at the 1:36 mark, with ONCE picking the up the rebound. ONCE turned the ball over, with Getafe regaining possession only to lose it because of a shot clock violation. The third quarter ended 62–27.

45 seconds into the fourth quarter, ONCE subbed Vera out, bringing Alejandro Zarzuela in. Tucek scored for ONCE at the 9:05 mark. With 8:45 left in the game, Martin took a shot and missed. At the 8:36 mark, a technical was called against Getafe with Bywater taking both shots. Making both, the score was then 66–29. Latham scored for ONCE at 8:23. Swiss international Philipp Häfeli was double teamed, and fouled at 8:07. By the time 6:59 was left in the game, the score was 72.33. Latham scored for ONCE at the 6:15 mark following a missed shot by Rodríguez.

Llambi went to the line for a pair of shots at the 6:02 mark, missing both free throws. At the 5:43 mark, Latham was fouled. Rodríguez brought the ball in for his team. Bywater put up a three point shot, but missed. Gharibloo got the rebound for Getafe, took a shot and also missed.

With 4:54 left, ONCE scored for the score to be 76–34. At the 3:24 mark, Spanish international Almudena Montiel entered the game for the first time following a timeout. Montiel was the only woman on the ONCE team. ONCE then scored with 3:14 left in the game, bringing the score to 80–34. The game would go on to end 86–36 following a basket made by Llambi with 0:15 left in the game.

Next week, ONCE is scheduled to play Adapted Sports Cai Zaragoza in a fourth round game played at home.

ONCE warming up before the game.
Image: Laura Hale.

The opening tip off.
Image: Laura Hale.

Getafe inbounds the ball.
Image: Laura Hale.
A Getafe player gets assistance after falling over.
Image: Laura Hale.
Bywater inbounds the ball.
Image: Laura Hale.
Bywater takes the technical shots for ONCE.
Image: Laura Hale.
Getafe fans cheering for their team.
Image: Laura Hale.


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