New storm approaches as Vancouver remains under boil water advisory

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Almost one million people in Vancouver, Canada are still under a boil water advisory. Severe rainfall on the 16th of November led to a water quality warning for the Greater Vancouver area's two million residents. The restriction was partially lifted on Friday, but residents of Vancouver, Burnaby, and three North Shore municipalities are still advised to boil their drinking water due to high turbidity levels.

A new storm is predicted to hit the region on Sunday, although it is not expected to be as severe. Wednesday's storm triggered landslides in three area water reservoirs, creating sediment levels up to ninety times higher than permitted under federal health standards. Grocery stores, restaurants, and other commercial outlets were also affected by the advisory. Over 210,000 homes were left without electricity as power lines were knocked out. Some residents are still without power.

The advisory is the largest in Canadian history.

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