Michael Schumacher wakes up from coma

Friday, June 20, 2014

Shumacher at the 2012 Italian GP.
Image: Francesco Crippa.

Seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher has awoken from a medically induced coma and left the hospital in Grenoble, France. Schumacher was induced after suffering severe head trauma following a skiing accident in the French Alps, December last year.

Schumacher's manager, Sabina Kehm, has chosen not to reveal any more information about his rehabilitation, at the University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland, due to concerns for his privacy.

"For the future we ask for understanding that his further rehabilitation will take place away from the public eye," Kehm said.

The statement, released last Monday, was the first since April when it appeared that Schumacher had occasional moments of consciousness.

Rehabilitation from head trauma of this level could take months or years to complete according to Neurosurgeon Tony Belli, who spoke to the BBC. "It depends very much on the severity of the injury, how young and fit they are." he said.