Luxembourg head of government resigns after eighteen years

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jean-Claude Juncker in 2012
Image: Zinneke.

Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg called for early elections after the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party, part of the coalition government, supported a no-confidence motion in Luxembourg's Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday, following a scandal which involved the Grand Duchy's intelligence service.

Junker had been prime minister longer than any other currently serving prime minister in the European Union.

A parliamentary inquiry commission completed a report, which they presented on July 5, about abuses by the Luxembourgian intelligence service, including internal political espionage. Junker said he "[would] not assume any personal responsibility".

Junker's Christian Social People's Party is considered likely to win more legislative seats than any other party in the snap election. It is unclear, though, what other parties the Social-Christians would make an alliance with and who will lead the party, as Junker declared he wants to do so but admitted to Bloomberg News, "it's up to my party to decide".