Floods in Europe kill over 150, hundreds reportedly missing

Saturday, July 17, 2021

According to multiple reports published today, floodings in Europe has killed somewhere between a hundred to over 160 people, with hundreds more yet to be accounted for.

In Germany and Belgium, entire villages were left underwater, CNN reported. The North Rhine-Westphalia regional government reported a dam broke along the river Rur in the German province last night. CNN meterologist Brandon Miller said about 100 to 150 mm of rain fell in a single day in many parts of West Germany, greater than the amount usually received in a month.

Thousands of Germans were left homeless due to flooding, buildings collapsing or being deemed at high risk of collapsing because of the floods. As of today, a dam near Cologne was classified as a high-risk of collapsing. Footage near Frankfurt showed an entire house being carried away by flooding on the River Ahr.

Though the majority of deaths occurred in Germany, The Independent claims at least 24 have died in Belgium. On Thursday, the residents of the Belgian city of Liège were ordered to evacuate by the city police.

France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Switzerland have also been affected, and there were previously serious floods in the United Kingdom from the same weather system on Monday, including in London.