Letters regarding Times Square bombing sent to Congress

Friday, March 7, 2008

File photo of police car in Times Square.
Image: Julius Schorzman.

After the bombing of a military recruiting station in New York City's Times Square, police in Washington, D.C. are investigating letters addressed to "members of Congress", which contain a picture of the recruiting station before the explosion and the message "Happy New Year, We Did It".

The letters arrived at Capitol Hill Thursday in manila envelopes, according to an anonymous Democratic aide who is investigating the matter. The picture was accompanied by what seemed to be a 10 page manifesto against the Iraq War. Also included was a booklet, which the aide says he cannot identify.

Another aide who is part of the investigation says similar letters arrived in up to ten offices. In an email sent by California senator Diane Feinstein, recipients were urged to leave the letters alone and call police.

A congressional staffer describes the person in the photo as a white man with red hair, apparently in his 30s.

In a statement, the Capitol Police said, "The U.S. Capitol Police and the FBI are working together to investigate letters received by various members of Congress. There is no established connection between these letters and the New York City Times Square incident this morning. The investigation is ongoing...more details as they become available."

No one was injured in the explosion, which occurred around 3:40 a.m. Thursday. The small bomb caused only minor damage to the recruiting station, shattering a glass door and leaving a hole in a window.