Knife-wielding woman arrested after allegedly stabbing four at store in West Hollywood, California

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

File photo of the Target where the incident occured.
Image: Wt90401.

Layla Trawick, 34, was arrested by police for allegedly stabbing four people with two knives at a Target store in West Hollywood, California.

Paramedics arrived at the scene at 12:48 pm local time on Monday. They took one critically injured person to a local hospital and another with minor injuries. The other two did not require hospitalization and were treated on-the-spot.

An armed, off-duty police officer, Clay Grant, Jr., was able to use his service weapon to stop the accused. Captain Michael Parker praised Grant for his efforts to stop the suspect.

A shopper at the store and journalist, Allison McNamara, reported she witnessed Trawick stab the victims. McNamara said, "You could see where the knife was going into his back. The knife had ridges and a tag on it. She was going as fast and strong as she could... She looked like she was going to stab everyone there."

Trawick is being held on US$1 million bail.