Islamist militants blow up girls' school in Pakistan

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Location of Kari Gar in northern Pakistan

A girls' school in the village of Kari Gar, within the tribal Khyber District, was blown up and destroyed by Islamist militants today morning. There were no reported deaths but four people passing by have been injured and a few homes in the neighbourhood have been slightly damaged.

A boy who witnessed the scene is missing and local administration officials say that he has been probably kidnapped. There were two bombs planted in the government school of which all the eighteen rooms along with the building have been demolished.

Schools had been closed after a suicide attack last month but many schools have opened recently.

Islamist militants have often destroyed almost 200 schools in this semi-autonomous region on the border of Afghanistan. Pakistan is fighting against these Islamist militants in this area who have been causing problems in these areas.