Interview with Dalbir S. Kathuria, Regional Council candidate for Wards 9 & 10 in Brampton, Canada

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The upcoming 2006 Brampton municipal election, to be held November 13, features an array of candidates looking to represent their wards in city council or the council of the Peel Region.

Wikinews contributor Nick Moreau contacted many of the candidates, including Dalbir S. Kathuria, asking them to answer common questions sent in an email. This ward's incumbent is John Sprovieri; also challenging Sprovieri is Derek Begley, Sherdaljit Dhillon, Mahen Gupta, Satpaul Johal, and Vahid Saadati-Khanshir.


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Q: List the three most important issues in your campaign.

A) Infastructure[sic] - The schools in Brampton are very unorganised. Kids are even send to the portable, which is very depressing.
B) Addressing the increased and unorganised Traffic concerns.
C) Addressing the rissing[sic] property taxes and the concerns of our residents, regarding their quality of life.

Q: What one election issue do you feel is most relevant to your ward in this election?

A: Most important is the infrastructure, which is leading to more unplanned houses, which leading to mismanagement, which is effecting the development.

Q: What qualities or experiences do you possess, that make you more desirable than the incumbent?

A: Times fly, and lots of water has flowed under the river. I have the ardor, and passion to be in the community development programmes. Community work has been my forte, giving me wisdom, gathered over the years of experience. I am always on the forefront, to complete any assignment allotted to me, never shirking any responsibilities. I am a soft hearted Man, who has given solace to the needy in times of distress. I am a sympathetic listener to people's woes, goes all out of way to help them solving their personal or public related problems.

Q: Why do you want to represent your ward on council?

A: I would like to see that my ward gets better facilities, better hearing of their local problems, and honest hearing of their difficulties, and a quicker resolution to all of them through a Representative like me.

Q: How are you currently involved in the community?

A: I am an enterprising Man, having been in the food and hotel business, successfully running a restaurant in Brampton, I am the epitome of humanhood. I have the fervor, the zeal to work for uplifting of the society. I collected CDN$50 000, and donated it to the Hospital for Sick Kids very recently. I am the Vice President of Liberal Riding Assosiation[sic] of Brampton.

Q: Much of Brampton's existing council is quite seasoned in the civic political process. What could you bring to the table as a "rookie", above and beyond the current roster of councillors?

A: Well times change and so does the working, a new member (as a rookie) brings in fresh ideas, newer innovations, as they are more alive to changed circumstances, of the city, which they have seen it grow since their childhood. In fact they are more vocal and concerned to today's changed conditions.

Q: The Rose Theatre recently launched. What are your thoughts on this facility? Have you had a chance to tour it yet?

A: I too agree that so far business has been good with the Rose Theatre as local Brampton residents and residents beyond our borders are taking advantage of the entertainment shows. But still some how I feel the money which have been spend for making this theatre is a huge amount, and if it would be spend for the hospitals, which are yet to get ready, then it would have been really awesome.

Q: The province has strongly encouraged the development of high-density residences near the downtown. Do these buildings fit in with your vision of the downtown? How much say should other levels of government have in urban planning?

A: Well down town means central area of city. My personal opinion is that the development in down town should be restricted. More residences more taller buildings mean more people. It's a strain on the civic amenity. Environmental problems, lead to less of greenery. It shall cause of course traffic congestion and parking problems. Govt. should have full control on urban planning, with a future vision for next 25 years of residential, markets, playgrounds, & schools so that these people have adequate civic facility.

Q: How do you feel about Brampton's rate of expansion? Council recently capped the annual amount of new development; do you agree completely with this decision, would you have slowed development even further, or not have imposed a cap at all?

A: I do agree with the council's decision of capping annual amount. The rate at which Brampton is expanding, will lead to chaos. The golf course take over for residential buildings is an example.

Q: What are your opinions on Brampton's congestion and the level of public transit funding?

A: Yes the congestion levels are high, and more the people more the cars and private transportation. To bring down this we have to increase the level public transport funding to have more buses to make people reach their destination, quicker, faster and reliable, and on time so that they shall avoid their personal cars.

Q: Why should businesses be attracted to locating in Brampton?

A: Brampton is a fast growing city so far in Toronto. Many new immigrant are settling down here. We have a skilled population so I feel any business would find great success for their future prospects.

Q: How could Brampton further itself in attracting corporate investment?

A: Well Brampton can make good market places proper buildings to house large investments houses, giving then concessions in some civic taxes, areas on low rates to build factories, faster processing of files/documents of corporate house, who intend to invest in Brampton, all the facilities like water , power, low lease ground rates.

Q: Why have you chosen to involve yourself in the political process?

A: Being a omnipresent person, I always showen[sic] my earnestness to help the genuine. I am impartial in judgmental works, tolerant and a dependable man towards which, any person can look forward. I strongly feel there is a need for a committed and active representative.

Q: What does Brampton mean to you?

A: Brampton to me is the entire blood which runs through out[sic] my body and keeps me active!! I will never say that I will die for the welfare of the Brampton people, rather I will always tell, that I will live for the Brampton people as long as they want, for their welfare and a safe and clean neighbourhood where people can raise their families and enjoy a good quality of life. Working hard in council for me would be a way to help ensure that this sort of environment continues for future generations.


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Kathuria was given multiple opportunities to respond to the question "Of the decisions made by council since the last election, which one would you have changed, and why?", over the past week, having received the questions on 6 October 2006. He has failed to reply to this request.