Internally distributed DHS memo: al-Qaeda and Hezbollah may attack U.S. within three years

Thursday, November 15, 2007

In an exclusive report, Wikinews has obtained documents via Wikileaks that state al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and or single interest groups is planning to attack the United States homeland within three years, this according to a 27-page internally distributed memo circulated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on the threat of al-Qaeda. The document also details al-Qaeda's threat in other parts of the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and Pakistan. Wikileaks claims that the report was published on October 22, 2007.

"Al-Qaeda is intent in striking the U.S. homeland and the U.S. will face a persistent and evolving terrorist threat over the next three years. Al-Qaeda homeland plotting is likely to continue to focus on prominent political, economic, and infrastructure targets. Lebanese Hezbollah may (also) attempt to attack the Homeland and non-muslim, 'single-issue' groups will probably conduct attacks," stated the report which also said that likely targets include the "mass transit sector and the aviation sectors."

The alleged attacks include "mass casualties, visually dramatic destruction, significant economic aftershocks and fear amongst the U.S. population" using "improvised explosives, carried or vehicle borne. Existence of radical, self-generating cells suggest that the U.S. is not immune to what we judge as an expanding radical and violent segment in the west," added the report.

Retailers across the U.S. have also reported to law enforcement agencies that customers purchasing cellular phones "visited multiple locations and purchased hundreds or thousands of phones, attempted to conceal their identity, were described as Middle Eastern and used gift cards or cash."

"DHS and FBI assessed that most individuals engaged in such purchases were taking advantage of discounted prices in the U.S.and reselling the phones for profit overseas. DHS and the FBI also determined some buyers were associated to terrorist networks. The suspected motive was fundraising." Some of these activities were recorded as far back as 2006.

In regards to Iraq, al-Qaeda "is committed to removing U.S. and Coalition troops and returning Iraq to an Islamic state governed with Shari’a law. In Africa they "sought mergers with groups in to further its agenda and has made frequent statements on the importance of Sudan and Somalia as fronts in the global jihad. And in Afghanistan is their "former safehaven and a key component of their strategy in promoting a global jihad."

The report also states that the DHS has investigated a "serious" claim that the Fort Peck Dam will "be attacked by an improvised explosive device (IED) in January 2008." It also investigated a claim that "10,000 lbs. of ammonium nitrate was reportedly stolen from a truck driver," but the DHS states that both claims "were found to be not terrorism related."

The report also adds that the DHS "lacks credible information to indicate planning for an attack against the Food and Agriculture sector," but also states that they will continue to investigate the possibility of a threat.

To conclude the report, the DHS states that there is no current information to suggest an imminent attack on the U.S..

"[There has been an] interesting convergence of incidents; but no definite terrorism nexus" and there is no "discernable patterns or trends emerged to date to suggest preoperational activity."


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