Indiana teen softball player recovering after lighting strike

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Seymour, Indiana high school freshman is recovering after a lighting strike Thursday during practice, with no storm in sight. The lightning strike hit Emily Bobb, and injured three of her teammates. Bobb was transported to Indianapolis Riley Hospital for Children, and the others were taken to a medical facility in Seymour.

Dr. Levi Nehrtt was working across the street at a nearby chiropractic and physical therapy clinic, when he saw the lighting strike Bobb. He immediately ran across the street and jumped the fence, and began CPR. EMT’s arrived within minutes and transported Bobb to the hospital.

On Friday Bobb was listed in good condition, from her initial critical condition. Her teammates were treated and released from the hospital. The National Weather Service warns that lighting strikes can happen with virtually no warning. According to the National Weather Service statistics lightning has claimed the lives of 90 persons in Indiana since 1959.