Guatemalan Supreme Court approves impeachment of President Molina

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Yesterday in Guatemala, the Supreme Court approved the attorney general's request to impeach President Otto Pérez Molina.

President Molina, pictured here in 2013, is accused of corruption.
Image: World Economic Forum.

The final decision on lifting Presidential immunity now falls to Congress. The case relates to a corruption scandal known locally as La Linea ((en))English language: ‍The Line which has seen Vice President Roxana Baldetti arrested and charged with fraud and receiving bribes. Prosecutors allege Baldetti and Molina between them received half of all bribes in the case.

Congress previously refused to impeach Molina but the investigation has since broadened, with ministerial resignations. Molina, however, has stood firm in the face of widespread popular protests demanding he leave office. Elections are scheduled for September 6.

The Social and Popular Assembly, formed during protests in recent months, allege violations of electoral law by many parties, and want an electoral commission crackdown. One member organisation, the Committee for Campesino Unity, wants a delay until elections are reformed. They also seek a new constitution.

Molina is accused of conspiring to corruptly divert customs funds. He denies any misconduct.