Fußball-Bundesliga 2007–08: Stuttgart vs. Bayern Munich

Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 10, 2007
15:30 (UTC+1)
Stuttgart 3–1 Bayern Munich Gottlieb Daimler Stadion, Stuttgart
Attendance: 55,600
Referee: Thorsten Kinhöfer
Gomez Scored after 10 minutes 10' (6)
Cacau Booked after 24 minutes 24'
Hilbert Scored after 30 minutes 30' (1)
Gomez Scored after 42 minutes 42' (7)
Bastürk Substituted off after 46 minutes 46'
Khedira Substituted on after 46 minutes 46'
Pardo Booked after 69 minutes 69'
Cacau Substituted off after 74 minutes 74'
Marica Substituted on after 74 minutes 74'
Gomez Substituted off after 80 minutes 80'
Beck Substituted on after 80 minutes 80'
Tasci Booked after 90 minutes 90'
Schäfer Booked after 90+1 minutes 90+1'
Match Report Booked after 45 minutes 45' Podolski
Substituted off after 46 minutes 46' Podolski
Substituted off after 46 minutes 46' Lell
Substituted on after 46 minutes 46' Klose
Substituted on after 46 minutes 46' Schweinsteiger
Booked after 52 minutes 52' Schweinsteiger
Sent off after 70' 70' Lucio
Substituted off after 72 minutes 72' Kroos
Substituted on after 72 minutes 72' Van Buyten
Scored after 86 minutes 86' (9) Toni
Booked after 88 minutes 88' Ribery

Bayern Munich suffered it's 1st defeat of the Bundesliga season after losing 3-1 to reigning champions Stuttgart. This was Bayern Munich's 1st lost in 7 months.

Mario Gomez gave Stuttgart the lead after only 10 minutes and Yildiray Bastürk gave Stuttgart a 2 goal lead after an half hour. Thorsten Kinhöfer was in the spotlight after denying Bayern Munich a goal which looked to cross the line. Stuttgart added a 3rd just before half time. Bayern Munich got a goal back with 4 minutes left. Other 2nd half highlights included a red card for Lucio. He was sent off for retaliating against a Stuttgart player.

Toni Kroos started his 1st professional game while Lukas Podolski got another start while Miroslav Klose started on the bench.

Bayern Munich and Stuttgart are off for 2 weeks due to a set of internationals a week today and a week from next Wednesday.

Post-match quotes

  It’s not been a good week for us. Unfortunately, we failed to win in the UEFA Cup on Thursday, and today we’ve deservedly lost for the first time this season. Our problems started two or three weeks ago. The task now is to regroup and start a new run.  

—Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, FCBAYERN.de

  It was an off day. We spent the afternoon asking ourselves: how can we make it easier for our opponents? Our display in the first half had nothing to do with football. We ran away from our tackles, and obviously that’s not on. A chain of errors led to their third, and it was over once Lucio was sent off. VfB took a professional approach to the game which Bayern lacked.  

—Franz Beckenbauer, FCBAYERN.de

  We slept through the first quarter of an hour. We didn’t show enough aggression, we tried to play our way to success. We always knew it would be extremely tough in Stuttgart, so I fail to understand why we weren’t up for it physically. We were badly organised at the back and non-existent up front. We gave our opponents all the encouragement they needed. We woke up after their second, we had a promising spell and we were close to pulling one back. If we’d scored, I think we’d have gone on and taken something from the game, but it was unbelievably difficult at 3-0 down.  

—Ottmar Hitzfeld, FCBAYERN.de

  We were lethargic in the first half, we didn’t go looking for the ball, and we didn’t win the ball. We never came near the attitude we needed for this match, so there was no way we were going to come away with anything. We’ve now got 14 days to get over it, and then we’ll be back with a vengeance. We’ll sit down and analyse the situation, but we’re not going to panic. We’re still top of the table. You’re obviously going to suffer minor setbacks at some point during a season. We’ve got our defeat over and done with, and we’ll learn the lessons from it. If we now go on and win the league, no-one will ever mention this game again.  

—Oliver Kahn, FCBAYERN.de

  My team played well, especially in the first half. We were aggressive from the start and denied them space, otherwise you don’t stand a chance against Bayern. It worked to perfection in the first half.  

—Armin Veh, FCBAYERN.de