Former NHL player Tie Domi alleged to have cheated with Canadian MP Belinda Stronach

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Canadian MP Belinda Stronach, 40, has reportedly cheated with Canadian hockey star Tie Domi. Domi and his wife were in court today getting divorced and both have now reached a temporary settlement in their divorce proceedings, less than an hour before the case was to be heard before Toronto's Superior Court. Stronach is refusing to comment on the divorce or say if she "wrecked" Domi's marriage.

"If it wasn't for my husband's affair with Belinda, we wouldn't be getting a divorce," Leanne told the Toronto Star in an interview last night. Domi's wife claimed that the former Toronto Maple Leaf player told her if she did not hire a lawyer he would give her $1 million in cash and a $1.5-million house if she kept quiet about his affair with Stronach. If she contacted a lawyer, however, she "would get nothing."

"I'm not going to comment at this point in time whether it's true, it's false or it's just the opinions of others," Stronach said on CTV's Mike Duffy Live. "I'm not prepared to talk about my personal life at this moment."

When Stronach was with the Conservatives she dated fellow MP Peter MacKay. In an interview in the Toronto Star on January 8, 2005, Stronach confirmed that she and MacKay were dating. Stronach, elected as a Conservative in the 2004 election, crossed the floor to the Liberal Party on May 17, 2005. She did not comment on what impact this would have on their relationship. On May 18, 2005, MacKay told the CBC that his relationship with Stronach was indeed over. Stronach crossed the floor from the Conservative party directly to Paul Martin's Liberal cabinet in May 2005. Stronach was previously married to Olympic speed-skating champion Johann Olav Koss of Norway, then divorced in 2005.

Tie Domi said he would not comment on his personal life and his agent said Monday the hockey star would have nothing to say while the matter was before the courts.

Leanne Domi's divorce application was filed on September 18, just one day before Tie Domi announced his retirement from the NHL.

None of the allegations have been proved in court.