Former Iraqi police commander was working with insurgents

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wikinews has obtained an intelligence summary from Wikileaks which was sent to United States military leaders inside Iraq stating that an Iraqi police general was directly involved with insurgent activity in 2006. The summary also states that Iran is playing a significant role in the insurgency in Iraq.

The summary states that Qais Hamza (Abud) Al-Mamouri, the police general of the Babil Governorate in 2006, was "receiving direct support from Muqtada al-Sadr and the Mahdi militia" in the form of "money and public support." The summary says that Qais was paid at least US$200,000 in February of 2006.

In return for Sadr's support, Qais provided the Mahdi militia with intelligence related to U.S. forces who were preparing to attack them, along with weapons and ammunition provided to police by the U.S. military. Qais also agreed to allow only Mahdi members to attend the local police academy.

"Qais [was] to inform him [Sadr] of any pending coalition operations and to accompany the Americans on the operation to ensure they did not hit certain targets," stated the summary.

It also goes on to state that Qais was "targeting Iraqi citizens who provide information to American intelligence officials" by sending "uniformed Iraqi police officers to kidnap Iraqis suspected of providing information to U.S. forces." The summary states that Qais was receiving the orders directly from Sadr himself.

The summary further states that insurgency in Iraq "continues to be heavily influenced by Iranian entities, particularly SCIRI and BADR Corps."

Qais Hamza Al-Mamouri aka Qays al Ma'muri was assassinated on December 9, 2007, amid reports that the central government of Iraq was seeking to have him removed from office.