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Ahh, The CorruptionEdit

Why am I not surprised by this? Nationalism has got to be the stupidest idea ever. Sure it makes sense without a method of universal global communication such as the internet. Its all about collectives now. Rekov - (talk) 21:09, 2 April 2008 (UTC)

Erroneous ReportingEdit

I understand the obligation to post all of the documents released via the "wiki leaks" probe. I however have direct access and knowledge to this particular article and can verify/refute the veracity of this reporting.

I am currently a Libertarian; formerly a United States MOS 35F previously known as 96B (All Source Intelligence Analyst). At the time of the (individual whom this particular articles focus) last months of Gen. Qais' life I was embedded with him. I can be contacted in regards to my professional responsibilities, relationship and analysis of the political/bureaucratic dynamics surrounding the life and assassination of Gen. Qais and his cousin Col Salaam.

I feel obligated to voice my knowledge of the man and the situation being reported here. I feel that if wikipedia is going to engage in the journalistic ethics of reporting what they have and letting the reader determine the veracity, then ethically they are obligated to contact me, someone with direct knowledge.

As an Intelligence Analyst I cannot divulge on the record classified information. I will not divulge any information detrimental to national security, i.e. jeopardize the safety of American citizens/identify means and/or capabilities and method of intelligence collection or assets. As an intelligence analyst I know exactly where the line is and will willingly cooperate with any line of questioning via these strict guidelines. I have signed a non-disclosure agreement good until 2074. That agreement came with my clearance.

In order for whomever it may concern to verify my placement I will provide the following. Proof I was in theater from Nov 2005 through the time of Gen. Qais assassination, this includes the assassination of his cousin Col Salaam of Hillah Swat. I have original documentation outlining my role in diplomatic relations with the General and other elements of the Iraqi Security and political entities. Photographs of my presence with the General in his office, then his home, at the graduation of cadets at the Al Hillah Police academy and can help locate archived video footage of my presence with the General at press conferences, releases and Provincial Security talks.

I am a victim of my convictions. I believe Gen Qais specifically will one day be revered as one of the fore fathers of the nation that will hopefully rise from the ashes and dust it resides in today. Gen Qais was assassinated by means of a sophisticated Improvised Explosive Device only one entity at the time of his death was capable of producing. That entity is associated with the very element from which this report claims he received fraudulent moneys.

For detailed information supporting these claims contact me directly. I will provide DD-214 form 4, end of tour awards, photographs and videos supporting my claims. Gnostichostage - (talk) 23:55, 19 November 2012 (UTC)

Two things must be pointed out.
  1. Unless you are claiming there was no such Wikileaks release, your claim of inaccurate reporting is false. There is all the difference in the world between saying something happened, and saying someone else said something happened. This distinction is at the heart of neutral news reporting, and this article got it right.
  2. If you are claiming the information relased by Wikileaks was inaccurate, nothing you have actually said here gives us any reason to believe that, since the things you've said could equally well be said by any random prankster on the internet.
--Pi zero (talk) 13:07, 20 November 2012 (UTC)

False informationEdit

I was a team leader of a US Tactical Human Intelligence Team attached to a combat arms BN in Babil Province, Iraq from March 06 to July 07. I have no doubt that wikileaks obtained an intelligence report stating what is in this article. But I believe the intelligence report was raw, unverified intelligence from a source whose motive was to assassinate the character of this Iraqi provincial police chief. I have firsthand knowledge that he and Hillah SWAT were the only reliable fighters against Jaysh al Mahdi, the insurgent group, in the province. American Special Forces were directly embedded with his SWAT team, and knew the General very well. I and the BN commander of the BN my team was attached to, have worked extensively with Gen Qais and the Hillah SWAT commander and his men. We had shared insurgent targets. He was the only reliable ally amongst the Iraqi police in the province. He survived numerous assassination attempts by the insurgents. His efforts against Jaysh al Mahdi were constantly stymied by the provincial governor, who was a member of the Badr Corp (organization). I know intimately the members of the Jaysh al Mahdi special group who repeatedly targeted him and eventually successfully assassinated him. They were my targets for 16 months. His hatred for, and willingness to go after, the insurgency was common knowledge on the street. Every American commander who worked with him at the time will attest to the truthfulness and accuracy of my statements. For those outside the intelligence community, please realize that not all intelligence reporting has been validated. It can simply be a raw account of what someone who has come in off the street has said. US Army intelligence reports have a reliability index rating, assigned by the writer of the report. A high reliability rating means that the source has been operationally tested, and the intelligence has been independently corroborated by other sources. What's interesting about this Wikileaks article from a leaked intelligence summary, is that I personally wrote several classified intelligence reports documenting operations which mentioned this police chief. I'm curious why WikiLeaks didn't cross reference mention of this police general to produce a validated WikiLeaks report. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Alsultani2006 (talkcontribs) 22:52, 19 December 2018 (UTC)