El Salvador suspended from world football by FIFA

Thursday, May 13, 2010

El Salvador has been suspended from competing in all world football internationals. FIFA, the governing body in football, suspended the Salvadorian Football Association (FESFUT) over government involvement. The Salvadorian government refused to recognise local football officials that FIFA had appointed.

Last year, the head of the Salvadorian Football Association, Rodrigo Calvo, resigned. FIFA stepped in and appointed a special commission to reform the finances of the association. However, Salvadorian president Mauricio Funes refused to recognize the commission. FIFA considered this political interference.

The suspension affects next month's World Cup in South Africa. Despite the national team not qualifying, three referees have been selected to participate in the tournament. If the suspension is not overturned by the start of the tournament, they will not be able to participate.

A meeting of an executive commission is due to take place on June 8; should the El Salvadorian government not change its stance on the issue, the suspension will be finalised. If the government does not change its stance, El Salvador will remain suspended for the entire year until the FIFA congress meets again in June 2011.