Eiffel Tower evacuated after telephone bomb threat

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Eiffel Tower
Image: Juanedc.

Tourists were evacuated from Paris' Eiffel Tower just before 4:00pm (1800 GMT) yesterday following a threatening phone call. Security forces covered the area after the phone call was received and the Eiffel Tower was reopened about an hour and half later after the threats were dismissed.

Threats and evacuations are a recurring problem for Paris’ famous landmark and marks the fourth evacuation for 2013. On August 9 and March 31, the monument was closed due similar circumstances after Police responded to bomb alerts. On June 18, the attraction was closed when a man threatened to throw himself off the edge of the tower.

Police have not given any further information regarding the evacuation. 32,000 tourists visit the Eiffel Tower every day making it the most visited monument in the world.