Dutch sergeant may have gone to Syria to join ISIS, says Dutch Defence Ministry

Friday, September 4, 2015

Yesterday the Dutch Defence Ministry said a Dutch sergeant, whose identity was not disclosed, may have gone to Syria from the Netherlands because he wanted to join extremist militant group ISIS. Prosecutors are investigating the sergeant.

File photo of F-15E aircraft flying over Iraq. The Netherlands has agreed to send six fighter jets (not as pictured) to fight ISIS.
Image: US Department of Defense.

Jeanie Hennis Plasschaer, Dutch Defence Minister, called the act of leaving one's country to join ISIS "irresponsible" and "punishable". "Every case of radicalisation is one too many. It is disappointing if it appears that someone joins evil while colleagues risk their lives for the freedom of another."

The United Nations has imposed sanctions on ISIS under a resolution covering people and organisations associated with Al-Qaida.

The United States leads an international coalition against ISIS. The Netherlands, which has agreed to send six fighter jets to fight ISIS, is a part of the coalition.