Dozens die in Nigeria flooding

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dozens of people have been killed as a result of flooding in Plateau State, located in the central part of Nigeria. The flooding occurred as the result of a large amount of rainfall close to Jos, a city in the north of the state, causing overflow of a dam.

The Red Cross has reported the recovery of 35 corpses, while BBC News Online has placed the death toll at a minimum of 39. A spokesperson for the Red Cross said approximately two hundred houses had been sunk or wrecked. A significant number of the affected houses had been built of mud.

Manasie Phampe, leader of the Red Cross of the state, explained: "Rainwater and water from the Lamingo dam which overflowed swept across several neighbourhoods in the city". The death toll is anticipated to increase by authorities, with 35 reported missing. "We are still searching for more bodies as many people have been declared missing," Phampe added.

The National Emergency Management Agency of Nigeria (NEMA) has initiated a relief effort. Edward Maigida, Director of Relief and Rehabilitation at NEMA, said "[t]wo camps have been opened to provide temporary shelter for the affected persons in Gangare Primary School and Islamiyya Secondary school".