Bandit ringleader arrested in Nigeria

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Kaduna State within Nigeria.
Image: Uwe Dedering.

Yesterday, police in Nigeria arrested Ahmed Yunusa, known as "Yellow Ashana", an alleged highwayman in Kaduna State.

Other associates of Yunusa were also arrested, including Nvou Michael, who is said to be a gunrunner for the gang. The arrests were made by the FIB-STS divisions of the Nigeria Police Force.

The gang is alleged to have terrorized communities along a highway between Abuja and Kaduna. The gang has also been linked to bank robberies in Ondo State. Police say Yunusa has confessed to his role in kidnappings and killings.

Michael was arrested at a separate location. She was found in possession of 15 rifles and 400 rounds of ammunition.