Double bombing in Pakistani city leaves at least 22 dead

Friday, February 5, 2010

Two bombings in Karachi, Pakistan have killed at least twenty-two people and injured over fifty.

Karachi, Pakistan
Image: Greg.

In spite of tight security across Pakistan, a motorbike carrying explosives was able to hit a bus carrying people to a religious procession, killing twelve. A second bomb killed at least thirteen when it exploded an hour later outside the local Jinnah hospital emergency ward where the victims, mainly Shia Muslims, of the first attack were being treated.

The bus attack took place on a shopping street near the main road that connects the airport with the city, but it is not clear whether it was a suicide bomber ramming the vehicle, or whether the motorbike was parked along side the bus before detonation.

The second bombing by the hospital, which struck within a crowd of protesters that had gathered to mourn the people killed in the first attack, was likely a suicide bombing, according to local police.

Ghylam Nabi, a local police officer, told Reuters that a third bomb had been found inside a television set in the hospital premises. It was defused successfully.

40 Shia Muslims were also killed in a car bomb attack today in Karbala, Iraq, as they took part in the final day of the religious festival known as Arbaeen, the 40 day mourning for the grandson of the Prophet Muhammed. This was the third bombing in Karbala this week.