Comments:US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticizes Turkey over human rights concerns

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Comments from feedback form - "Turkey is something of a close..."119:08, 23 July 2011
Comments from feedback form - "America! the no1 Hypocrite mak..."119:03, 23 July 2011
Human Rights in Society1618:53, 23 July 2011

Comments from feedback form - "Turkey is something of a close..."

Turkey is something of a closet terror nation in their treatment of critics.

Citizen (talk)09:37, 18 July 2011

In the rapidly changing political situation, panic is inevitable. One does not want to leave power too easily especially after been in that situation for too long. Would you?

Rajveetee (talk)19:08, 23 July 2011

Comments from feedback form - "America! the no1 Hypocrite mak..."

America! the no1 Hypocrite making f**king comments over other nations... (talk)15:34, 22 July 2011

Good observation and appropriate comment

Rajveetee (talk)19:03, 23 July 2011

Human Rights in Society

Politicians and Leaders have the obligation to highlight the mistakes and imperfections in Society. Nobody can change the society in a Day. Slow evolution and revolution in the History of Modernity & Human Society are inevitable for Progress. It plays a vital role to achieve International Peace. The ultimate goal is to freedom for People to live in harmony enjoying the basic Human Rights. When you point a finger at somebody, never forget the three fingers pointing at you.

Rajveetee (talk)08:39, 17 July 2011

How can a country that still has the death penalty in parts dare lecture anybody about human rights??? (talk)19:54, 18 July 2011

yes, or do YOU think murderers have the right to live? In my opinion the criminal's rights ends when he/she commits the crime and takes away the right to live from the victim. (talk) 23:27, 18 July 2011 (UTC) (talk)23:27, 18 July 2011

I think that I'd be a hypocrite to preach freedom and teach how violence solves nothing and yet condone ending another human beings life, whatever they have done.... a child could see the double standard. without getting too much in to it I believe that no human being should have the ability to decide whether another lives or dies referring both to the initial hypothetical murderer and any subsequent hypothetical judge. To be fair to Clinton she may not endorse capital punishment and so can speek her personal opinions. If Americans still wondered why people don't like their foerign policies then double standards such as this may be a good place to begin.

Mcchino64 (talk)14:52, 19 July 2011

Regarding Murderers' Right to Live, I recall Mahathma (Great Soul) Gandhi's last sentence (to the assasin) he uttered, may God excuse his deed and prayed Hey God to bless his soul. That was his dying declaration & we known that a dying person speak the TRUTH.

Compassion is a Positive Light as against Evil Negative Darkness. Very few Humans have such superhuman qualities.It is beyond belief indeed.
Rajveetee (talk)21:42, 19 July 2011

Any country that is better than another country in some domain can legitimately criticize the inferior country. Otherwise there would be no legitimate criticism, ever. The problem is when they deny that they themselves could improve as well. (talk)11:24, 19 July 2011

United Nation has recently recognized a new Sovereign Country. Middle East and Northern Africa is undergoing (r)evolution. Diplomatic relations exist between Countries and mutual co-existence is mandatory to prevent. Positive Criticism strengthen Human Social survival.

Rajveetee (talk)21:58, 19 July 2011

That is a very good issue for debate. I thank you. I recently watched a passionate Lecture on Children's rights. I was not aware that only 2 coutries in the World do not officially recognize that rights 1)USA and 2)Somalia. Queen Elizabeth officially said Sorry for Human Suffering of SLAVERY vitims. Modern slavery and Caste & Class Systems will be ongoing until Humanity is enslaved by an Alien or a Superior Being! Pope said Sorry for the Scandals of Catholic Church abused victims. History shows that Time & Cruel Past Events make Humans learn from the Past. Let us look at the Brighter side of Life;Grass is always Greener on the other side. The Utopian Society has been dreamt by many and failed. For the time being in USA, the President Obama is trying to do the best he can. He was Humbled by Nobel Peace Prize! That makes his life even Harder. In fact the Health Care Bill one of his Life Time achievements, which was tried by so many predecessors. When he gave his Peace offer speech in Egypt to Muslim World, introducing himself as an Islamic brother by birth, which Iran recognises but World Politicians hold back. Academics and the Learned set examples and have great Vision to improve the World but are restricted by Local views, and evolve. I always admired Tight rope walk by the Trapeze Artists in Circus which is Great to watch. When Politicians perform such delicate Tight Rope walk in Real Life, with genuine passion to improve Humanity that is probably more challenging. I have great admiration for Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Einstein and Mandela and many more. I can go on and on..............! I expect a response from you.

Rajveetee (talk)20:41, 19 July 2011

I actually feel embarrassed when people in our time apologise for acts or regimes imposed in the past. I can't imagine it means much to anybody and seems a bit tokenistic. Changing the way people act and think TODAY seems a much greater example of desire for change for the better.

Deep down I can see the appeal of capital punishment; it satisfies an animalistic base need for revenge. The challenge is to overcome this basic instinct in order to both act on the morals we preach and give us the best chance of achieving ultimate goals - stopping murder.

Capital punishment is not a deterrent to people who are so desperate that the risks are worth it (especially since many people wait years on death row). As an outsider (from the UK, of course we have our own problems with social divide) it seems to me that the very foundations of American retoric allow for such a country of big winners and big losers - the big losers are more likely to commit crime out of desperation - as long as you have a consistent supply of these people, the punishment of death will solve nothing!

Mcchino64 (talk)08:19, 20 July 2011

Death penalty in a civilised society will be forbidden in the FUTURE, that is my dream. Human Being should refrain from taking another fellow Human Life what ever the circumstance. I sincerly hope USA will evolve to see the WISDOM of precious nature of Life (spiritual) force in the Mortal (physical) Body and use the Power(Judicial etc) to preserve it. The Legal system and laws eg possession of a firearm complicates and slows the change (due to violence).

Rajveetee (talk)21:08, 19 July 2011

Rajveetee you like talking shit you choot. I would like to see anyone of you who are against the death penalty to come live in South Africa for a while. People get bound, boiling water forced down their throats, get the "necklace" (a gasoline soaked burning tyre around their neck) babies as young as a few weeks get raped, people get mutilated and murdered for body parts to make the black man's "medicine". Come live in the murder capital of the world for a while, let your families get murederd in the most heinous way, wives and daughters, sisters and grannies get raped and killed. In all this the goverment does nothing as in many cases even cops are involved. I dare you, you might sing another tune then. (talk) 22:07, 20 July 2011 (UTC) (talk)22:07, 20 July 2011

Of course there are countries where terrible atrocities are more common, I am judging specifically an American politician on her hypocrisy since they are meant to be a rich and enlightened country.

I take your point, it chimes with what I said about the base instinctive response of 'an eye for an eye' which every human being can sympathise with to a point (especially when the crimes are particularly atrocious), no matter what they say otherwise.

However I feel my point still stands - its the fixing of deep rooted social problems that will achieve the goal of drop in serious crime, not the threat of death.

Of course there are no text books on how to fix societies, especially one so regressive, but I will not defend or accept capital punishment.

Mcchino64 (talk)09:26, 21 July 2011

my brother in the capital of south africa, you made a very passionate (factual) situational description of the most atrocious crimes commited in johannesberg. Many times i wanted to go back to India. personal reasons and destiny kept me in UK. i never enjoyed life, gave my best of what i learnt in my profession to help fellow humans especially with greater needs- homeless, detainees in prison and police station; worked with people with addiction, which opened my eyes. My heart bleeds when people are slaughterd and tortured wherever in the world. I read the story of Gandhi, in south africa where he was ill-treated in his early years of Barrister Life and his 'non-violent' movement was his turning point which changed History. Nelson Mandela showed compassion to integrate the great country as a rainbow nation. My family lived in Durban and visited almost all the areas. I am going to listen to them. I believe in Destiny; i am not saying this to prove anything. if destiny leads me to serve in SA i am prepared for it. just think for a minute brother, what will be the fate of SA if Nelson Mandela decided to behave in the way of Robert Mughabe. you will not be able write this column. best wishes brother.

Rajveetee (talk)20:40, 21 July 2011

MANY people all over the world think that mandela is a god and treat him like one. Well, I have news for them, the day he dies they will discover that he is not a god but was an ANC terrorist leader that killed thousands. Most of the SA people want the death penalty back, even those that opposed it in the past. Murderers here (IF they get caught) get a slap on the wrist and they commit the same crime again and again. Most of our jails are full of criminals but then they get parole or set free because it is the president's birthday and they murder again. Come to SA at your own peril, we are on the same way as Zimbabwe only much faster. (talk) 23:19, 21 July 2011 (UTC) (talk)23:19, 21 July 2011