Comments:Time magazine names Ahmed Mohamed to 'Most Influential Teens of 2015'

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Racism against children?! Here comes your corporate and political $ponsor$

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It looked like a movie prop of a bomb. It wasn't strange the police were called. It wasn't strange he was arrested. It was strange his "parents" allowed him to bring that to school. It was strange he received special treatment afterwards solely based on the color of his skin/religious background. These political figures and company leaders then used him as a pawn in a weird game of "who's the least racist/most supportive of education/wants cheap publicity". My parents wouldn't let me take a homemade clock to school (especially in 2015) without at least a warning to the teachers/principals first. Its called consideration/being active in your kids life. Something that gets no praise in 2015. You can be a naive person. You can be a parent. You can't be a naive parent. This kid either has no parents that are watching or caring what he does or they had a hunch this stunt would make them celebrities overnight and open the door to sue the school district for being "racist". In the end what did all the pandering towards him and his family accomplish? Helped the boy make the decision to leave the US and move to Qatar... Well his family made the decision to say that it was their son's decision. You get the point. (talk)13:24, 6 November 2015

It is great Ahmed Mohamed a part of Time Magazine but what about others.

It is great to hear Ahmed Mohamed is elected for the most Influential teen. Now the people have think wider, but Islamophobia becoming a part of our society and we have to fight with it. The people have to understand that not every person is bad, particular in any religion either we take Islam or any one. And I think the only solution for this type of problem is to educate them. The country like USA England they have to think about how better education will provided to the country like Iraq, Afganistan and syria and more alike them. So friend I have to say support education and delete the word Islamophobia. (talk)02:08, 29 October 2015

Is it great for teens to look up to a POTENTIAL FRAUD as a role model??? I think not. The story was never done and dusted as the media successfully got many people to believe.

Today some innocent teachers are being vilified by this gross ineptitude of reporting without any kind of diligence on the part of the press. It's a shame!

17xFuture (talk)11:04, 31 October 2015

Conspicuous absence of evidence offered to support your conspiracy theory.

Pi zero (talk)12:06, 31 October 2015

Worst Case Of Terrible Reporting Ever!!!

I am amazed at the gross incompetence shown by Time Magazine and by other media houses that covered the story of this kid. During my years as a student of journalism I was taught that you should try as much as possible to capture BOTH sides of the story.

If Time has failed to be balanced in their reporting. than Wikinews should at least not fall into the same trap (whether for political reasons or what not).

The reality is that from within 48 hours of this news breaking out, notable people like Mark Cuban, Richard Dawlkins, and Bill Maher have expressed their concerns about the story. This caused may of us neutral persons who have a respect for science to do our own investigations. Which was easy because most of the information we go by today were supplied by Ahmed Mohamed himself, in his EARLIER interviews.

And after careful observation of the facts, we now know that:

1. Ahmed Mohamed did not INVENT a clock (yet Time still has not figured this out)

2. His school did not suspend him for inventing a clock. They suspended him because they quickly realized that it was NOT an invention, but most likely a he was described as the police as "passive aggressive" with regards to questions as to why he brought the clock to school.

3. Time Magazine and other media houses refused to report that Ahmed was warned by one teacher NOT to take his "invention" around school because it looked like a bomb.

4. Ahmed Mohamed himself testified to the fact that even HE himself thought his clock looked "suspicious" and a "threat" (his own words) and still he defied his teacher's warning and showed it to a class mate during English class, set the alarm, and plugged it so that it would go off and disrupt the class.

5. It was the teacher of that class that finally took the initiative to stop Ahmed's prank and call the police.

6. None of these telling issues were reported by the media even though Ahmed Mohamed himself testified to these things in different interviews.

7. The media reports Ahmed to have taken his clock to school as a science project, of which there was no such thing. (yet, this detail reveals probable motive)

8. Ahmed's family has been taking donations from people all over the world who are poorly informed about the facts of the matter.

9. At least for the sake of those pathetic people donating to Ahmed's cause, it is important that they know everything I have written here is not one person's opinion in Africa (where I am), but indeed the discovery of many people who think SCIENCE is important and that true scientists be rewarded for their creativity and ingenuity, and NOT impostors.

When you read through everything I have argued here, and done enough to crosscheck to see videos of Ahmed himself verifying them, then you at least realize that the word "Islamophobia" is being used to carelessly in THIS PARTICULAR case.

In order to ascertain Islamophobia, you would need to examine and question Ahmed's teachers, who by the way are muzzled as a result of a law that was invoked by Ahmed's family to convenienetly keep them from discussing the case. Barring their side of the story.

17xFuture (talk)11:02, 31 October 2015