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Chief Executives with Fires300:18, 17 April 2018

Chief Executives with Fires

Those that do not study American history would be surprised to know the White House was nearly burnt to the ground on August 26, 1814 by the British during the War of 1812. To this day, there is a window on the ground level which shows the burn and smoke marks. It is considered by most historians as the biggest hit during 19th century wars. James Madison wife was able to smuggle the presidential portrait of George Washington out before the fire.

However that was not the last time the White House caught fire. On December 25, 1929 papers ignited setting fire to a good portion of the West Wing, including the Oval Office.

The White House did have a airplane impacting the West Wing when Clinton was out of town, in 1994. The small fire and crash damage was a determined effort for suicide.

In 1995 a bus caught fire within walking distance of the White House to the official guest quarters called the Blair House pealing the paint in front. During WWII Churchill refused to stay in the White House because he claimed he saw Lincoln's ghost.

The East Wing had a small fire as a result of maintenance in 2000. According to the Secret Service, most alarms of any type is due to maintenance and restoration.

An FBI informant set himself on fire outside the gates in 2004. The White House has 27-fireplaces but all of them cannot be used. The Secret Service has a strict policy on incendiary devices in and around the White House. Now if only they could take away the first lady's ouija board things would be easier.

AZOperator (talk)00:20, 11 April 2018
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Last edit: 20:51, 16 April 2018

American's stop targeting the President and family, Trump is looking out for America, Americans must look out for him too.The person who is dead knows the cause of the fire.Desmond Allan Dhanraj. (talk)19:57, 16 April 2018

It's pretty clear Trump is a dyed-in-the-wool narcissist; he doesn't care about the US or its people at all.

Another of his notable characteristics is extraordinary vulnerability to absurd conspiracy theories, something he seems to share with many of his core supporters.

Pi zero (talk)21:04, 16 April 2018

He also has the thinnest skin of any politician I have ever seen. Case and point the White House Correspondence Dinner. A few years ago a comedian said, "Donald Trump is considering to run for president as a Republican. I thought he was running as a joke." Well the joke is on us I guess.

AZOperator (talk)00:18, 17 April 2018