Clint Brown, TV3 presenter, gives "unsatisfactory" letter of apology

Friday, October 6, 2006

Clint Brown, a sports presenter for 3 News, has given a reportedly "unsatisfactory" letter of apology after he abused a taxi driver in Taupo while drunk. The taxi driver, Mere Wall, was verbally abused by Brown on September 13 where he, allegedly, called Wall a "Tuwharetoa whore and bitch," and a "Tainui whore and bitch." Brown was then punched by the partner of a woman he had insulted.

Brown was admitted to hospital due to a broken eye socket and concussion.

Wall had asked for an apology after the incident. Brown sent an unsigned letter of apology to Wall, which Wall said she received last week. Wall said she was unhappy with the letter, and has written to TV3 to complain.

Wall said that the letter was two paragraphs long, and stated that Brown cannot remember the incident due to concussion, but if he did do something wrong then he is sorry. The letter contained no return address. Wall hopes to get a better apology, saying "I have written to TV3 [about the letter]."

Wall admits to making some comments about Brown after the incident, Wall said: "But it has gone on and on."

Brown was stood down after the incident by TV3. Roger Beaumont, a spokesman for TV3, said that he is still not back at work and it is unsure when, or if, he will return. "The investigation is still continuing. TV3 and police were investigating the incident but it is not known how long the investigation would take."

The New Zealand Police is yet to charge Brown.

TV3 was also conducting their own investigation, which included hiring a private investigator. They are not ruling out any disciplinary action if the allegations are proved to be correct.