Canadian law proposes to ban spitting, swearing and urinating in public

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A new law that proposes no spitting, swearing, or urinating in public passed its second reading in Calgary.

Calgary City Council is expected to pass it into law later this year.

Fines would range from $50 for carrying a visible knife or standing on public benches and $300 for urinating or defecating in public. People who spit would face a $100 fine and those who fight in city streets would pay a $250 ticket.

"You have to set the groundwork of expectations — mutual expectations — in order to be able to work well together, live well together," said Ald. Madeline King, a councilor who represents part of Calgary's inner city. "This is the right thing to do — this is a social contract between Calgarians that calls for a minimum amount of respect," he said.

"Unless you have rules, things don’t work so well in terms of living together harmoniously," said Ald. Madeleine King. "It's not targeting the homeless, it's targeting anyone who behaves in this way."

It will come back to council for final approval next week.

City lawyers have concerns about enforcing some parts of the legislation.