Canadian MPP joins Ontario's Liberal cabinet

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Recently elected Markham, Ontario MPP Michael Chan became Ontario's Revenue Minister today to reflect the large Chinese-Canadian community.

Former Ontario NDP premier Bob Rae created the revenue ministry. Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty recreated it because he wanted Chan in it. He also said that Finance Minister Greg Sorbara needs a hand with his job and this would help.

"Michael is a strong member of our team and brings a great deal of experience to this position," McGuinty said today. "Michael is passionate about building opportunity for Ontario families and we're happy to have him on the team."

Before getting in power, Chan owned an insurance brokerage in Markham with hundreds of agents. A by-election was called for two ridings including Markham. Chan won on February 8 and was just sworn in two days ago.

The Ontario cabinet now has 27 ministers.