Canadian Liberal vote heads to third ballot

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Ignatieff, Dion, Rae, and Kennedy supporters move into the main hall, 1 December 2006.

Voting continued today in the Liberal Party of Canada leadership convention with frontrunner Michael Ignatieff maintaining his lead on the second ballot with 31.6% of delegate support but showing limited growth potential. Bob Rae remained in second place but narrowed the gap slightly to win 24.1% support. He was helped by the endorsement of Joe Volpe and Scott Brison who withdrew their candidacies following the first ballot.

Stephane Dion, who was only two votes ahead of Gerard Kennedy on the first ballot solidified his third place standing with 20.8% support on the second ballot winning almost 100 votes more than Kennedy who remained in fourth place. Martha Hall Findlay who had been eliminated after the first ballot threw her support to Dion. Ken Dryden brought up the rear with 4.7% support.

Following the announcement of the vote result Dryden released his delegates but threw his personal support to Bob Rae while Kennedy withdrew in order to support Dion.

Voting on the third ballot is now underway with results expected in mid-afternoon.

Second Ballot
Candidate Delegate Support Percentage
Michael Ignatieff 1,481 31.6%
Bob Rae 1,132 24.1%
Stephane Dion 974 20.8%
Gerard Kennedy 884 18.8%
Ken Dryden 219 4.7%
Total 4,690 100%