Canada's Conservatives launch new ad campaign

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Conservative Party of Canada have taken a new approach by launching a new ad campaign. It is aimed at the Liberal Party of Canada leader Stéphane Dion.

The ads, which will frequently be aired during next weekend's Canadian broadcast of the Super Bowl, criticizes Dion as a leader and also criticizes his past in the government, as Canada's environment minister. They also feature clips from the Liberal leadership debate last fall. The ads are in English but another set of ads will air in French speaking Quebec, Dion's home province.

The Conservative Party of Canada logo.

Dion, who was elected Liberal leader in December, responded to CBC News saying that it will "backfire" on Stephen Harper.

"[Harper] wants to spend all this money to try to attack me in a very negative way, and it'll backfire," Dion said. "Canadians will not be impressed by that." "Mr. Harper has nothing positive to say about his own record."

One ad says that air quality deteriorated when Dion was environment minister. The second ad says that he wants to go back to the previous Liberal government. The third ad says that he is not a leader.

The main ad is entitled "Stéphane Dion Is Not A Leader".


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