Body cemented in barrel found in Toronto harbour

Monday, May 24, 2010

Toronto Police Marine Unit
Image: Raysonho.
Toronto Harbourfront map
Image: SimonP.

Toronto, Ontario police are currently investigating human remains encapsulated in concrete from Lake Ontario. A barrel held the concrete-encased body found offshore at the Toronto waterfront. The neighbouring area is currently under development for another new city park as the harbourfront is a popular tourist destination.

Detective Justin Vander Heyden stated that the barrel holds "a victim of murder, encased in concrete", and that he has "a good idea of who's in the barrel" but conclusive information should be forthcoming by Tuesday from the coroner's office.

Ontario provincial police (OPP) are also investigating two other bodies this long weekend in May. Human remains were found in a construction area near Barrie and a body was also found near Huntsville in a roadside ditch. A firebombing at a Royal Bank of Canada branch in Ottawa has resulted in an urgent call for OPP re-inforcements. Ontario security has been increased in preparation for the June 26-27 G20 summit at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and the G8 summit in Huntsville and the ensuing arrival of international leaders and delegations.


Oil barrels similar to the one pulled from Lake Ontario
Image: Joe Mabel.