Bodies found in trailer park in Brunswick, Georgia, US

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Seven bodies have been discovered in a mobile home in New Hope Plantation trailer park in Brunswick, in the US state of Georgia.

Glynn County Police are now holding a murder investigation as to how the bodies got there. They were found shortly after 0800 local time by a family member of one of the victims who alerted the police.

The police mentioned that when they got to the scene there were two critically injured people there. They were immediately taken to hospital. Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering said that in 25 years, this was the worst incident of its kind he had ever handled.

He commented: "We have never had an incident with so many victims. It is not a scene that I would want anybody to see." He said that some of the victims had been tentatively identified, but declined to give out names or ages. He also declined to say how the victims had died when asked.

Jimmy Durben of Glynn County's coroner office said: "It was the worst scene I have ever witnessed in my 17 year history at the coroner's office."