Arnold Schwarzenegger to visit Canada

Monday, January 15, 2007

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, best known for his role in The Terminator and being the Govenor of California (which earned him the nickname The Governator), has been invited by the Prime Minister's Office to visit Canada.

Schwarzenegger is reported to have higher expectations for reducing greenhouse gas emissions than Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"I hope it means they are serious about taking the kind of actions that Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking in California on climate change," said Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May.

Environment minister John Baird said he and the Canadian government are concerned about the climate.

"We're concerned about the huge climate change challenges," said Baird. "The erratic weather we've had this winter is a huge wake-up call."

The Canadian PM and "The Governator" first met when they went to Mexico for the inauguration of Felipe Calderón, the president of Mexico.

No date has been set as to when the meeting will happen.

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