Arabsat puts Arabic news channel back on the air

Friday, December 11, 2009

Middle East communication satellite provider Arabsat stated Thursday that they have put the Arabic news channel Al-Alam back on the air. The Iranian-based channel was previously taken off the air in November by two Arab satellite providers, Arabsat and Nilesat, without an explanation. The move was criticised by many in the Middle East including locals and prominent figures.

When the channel was taken off the air it forced the owners of Al-Alam to move the channel to Atlantic Bird 4 so it could reach Middle East viewers. It is still not known why the two satellite providers took the channel off the air but political experts suggested it was a political move against Iran. Iranian officials at the time suggested the move was illegal and threatened to sue the satellite providers.

Currently Nilesat is the only satellite provider not to put Al-Alam back on the air.