Afghanistan: two kidnapped French journalists believed to be in good health

Friday, January 1, 2010

Kapisa province
Image: Golbez.

Two French journalists kidnapped on Wednesday north-east of the capital Kabul are believed to be in good health, although the condition of their three Afghan assistants is unknown.

"The two French journalists appear to be alive, in good health and being well treated," said a source involved in the attempts to release them.

According to another French journalist, suspected members of the Taliban captured them in the Kapisa province's Shinkai district, although the abductors have yet to claim responsibility.

A local spokesman confirmed that the group of two journalists from France 3, their translator and his brother and cousin had been abducted, and that Afghan security forces along with French soldiers from the local NATO mission were looking for them.

France Télévisions, who employs the journalists, has not confirmed the kidnapping, merely stating that they had received no news from them in the past 48 hours.