Abducted Richmond Hill, Ontario man walks into police station

Friday, November 3, 2006

A Richmond Hill, Ontario man is currently released after he was abducted and escaped last night.

Chee Kian Jeff Chan, 28, was forced by three people into a black Mercedes SUV (which was caught on security camera) in the parking garage of his condominium at 23 Oneida Cresant in the Yonge Street and High Tech Road area. A small amount of blood was found at the scene. He was dropped off at an unnamed location in Toronto Wednesday night.

The suspects were wearing black clothes and balaclavas covering their faces at the time of the incident. The licence plate number of the Mercedes SUV is not known because there was no plate on the front of the vehicle.

Chan walked into the Major Mackenzie Dr. W. police station, at about 6:45 p.m. last night, suffering from injuries and went to a hospital for examination.

York Regional Police say that he is a poker player, after hearing about a man with the same name that took seventh place at the River Rock Casino Resort near Vancouver, British Columbia on November 19, 2005, earning him $44,753.

No ransom note was received and police believe that it was an extortion attempt.

"He was unaware of a lot of things during his ordeal," Constable Laurie Perks said. "He didn't know what they looked like. His vision was concealed and so he therefore didn't know where he was through most of his ordeal."

It is believed that Chan's three captors released him after 28 hours because of the media coverage surrounding his disappearance.

The investigation is still ongoing.