8th case of mad cow disease found in Canada

Friday, August 25, 2006

An 8th case of mad cow disease was found in a cow in the province of Alberta. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency did a test and found BSE. The agency found no part of the beef cow's carcass entered either the human or animal feed chains. The CFIA said that, "the cow could have likely lived another 6 months or so, but died of complications of mastitis".

"The animal's age is between eight and 10 years", said the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

The CFIA also traced 172 animals would likely ate feed out of that load.

"The cow's exposure to BSE likely occurred before or during the introduction of new feed regulations in 1997 prohibiting use of cattle parts susceptible to the disease in certain animal feeds", A release said yesterday.

An investigation is already underway to find the animal's birth farm and potential sources of contaminated feed.

The United States has delayed lifting a ban on older cattle imports from Canada, pending investigation.


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