5.8 magnitude earthquake rocks San Diego and northern Mexico

Thursday, December 31, 2009

At 10:49 PST (18:49 UTC) yesterday the United States Geological Survey reported that a 5.8 magnitude earthquake was felt in {{w|San Diego, California|San Diego]] and southern California down to Tijuana, Mexico. There was also a 4.8 magnitude aftershock recorded at 10:53 PST. The epicenter of the quake is believed to be near the Mexican city of Mexicali.

The Southern California area had been experiencing lesser magnitude earthquakes for the past week, ranging in magnitude from 2 to 3. The earthquake occurred about 4.3 miles into the earths crust, which is considered shallow. Shallow earthquakes often cause more damage than deeper ones.

No major damage has been reported at this time, and the California Highway Patrol has not reported any major disruptions on local roads. Minor damage to the Imperial County Administration Building in El Centro, California has been reported. The San Diego City Hall building shook for about 30 seconds after the quake, according to the XETV. In Mexicali, buildings were evacuated, and some traffic lights are not working, said Mexicali journalist Sergio Haro.