2007 World Deaf Swimming Championships Day 2: An intensive matchday

Monday, August 13, 2007

Extra Match of Men 50m Butterfly Group.
Image: Rico Shen.
Extra Match of the Women 50m Freestyle finale.
Image: Rico Shen.

On the second day of the 2007 World Deaf Swimming Championships, the 50m Butterfly, 100m Backstroke, and 400m Individual Medley Groups finales took place during the afternoon. Tomorrow, two long-distance groups (Men 1500m Freestyle and Women 800 Freestyle) will try to bring home a medal.

Because of the intensity of the heats earlier, the organizer held an extra match between Andrei Taranau from Belarus and Yuji Hayakawa from Japan at the Men 50m Butterfly Group before the Main Final, and also, in the Final of Men 50m Butterfly Group, Marko Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen from South Africa and Björn Koch from Germany tied for the 3rd Place.

Although some competitors protested the new world record that was established by Ganna Lytvnenko from Ukraine, and the organizer consequently added an extra match of Women 50m Freestyle, the established record of yesterday was upheld.

Taiwanese deaf swimmer Shu-ning Tseng and Swedish deaf swimmer Anna Polivanchuk battled from heat section to final in the Women 100m Backstroke Group. Even though they didn't establish new women deaf swimmer 100m backstroke world record, spectators could surely enjoy an intensive competition between these two athletes.

List of Champions of 2nd Matchday

Group Athlete Name or Team Time
50m Butterfly
Men Volodymyr Natalchuk (Ukraine) 26'25"
Women Alexandra Polivanchuk (Sweden) 29'49"
100m Backstroke
Men John Kealy (Ireland) 1:1'32"
Women Anna Polivanchuk (Sweden) 1:9'14"
400m Individual Medley
Men Björn Koch (Germany) 4:44'64"
Women Anna Tovsta (Ukraine) 5:17'63"

Medal Statistics after 2nd Matchday

  • Only listed national teams who won medals at least Copper, full information can be found at here.
Order Team Gold Silver Bronze
1 Ukraine 4 2 2
2 Russian 3 1 4
3 Germany 2 3 2
4 Sweden 2 0 0
5 Belarus 1 2 2
6 Ireland 1 1 1
7 Belgium 1 0 0
8 Great Britain 0 1 1
9 United States 0 1 1
10 Japan 0 1 0
11 Poland 0 1 0
12 Chinese Taipei 0 1 0
13 South Africa 0 0 2


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This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.