'Avatar' becomes highest-grossing film of all time

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The 3D science fiction epic romance Avatar has surpassed Titanic—also by director James Cameron—as the highest-grossing international film of all time.

Avatar has overtaken Titanic by a margin of more than 15 million US dollars, with both films grossing in excess of $1.843bn. The film has been the most popular film in box offices around North America and Europe for six weeks, with United Kingdom takings for this weekend alone in excess of £5.1m. In the United States, the film has pushed The Dark Knight into third place.

Avatar's victory has been put down to the higher prices many viewers have had to pay to see the film in 3D, as well as inflation over time (as the figures have not been adjusted for such). If the figures are adjusted for inflation, it is beaten to the top spot by Gone with the Wind. In the adjusted chart, Titanic makes it only to number six, with other members of the top ten including Star Wars, The Sound of Music, and E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial.


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