'Australian Values' to be taught in NSW schools

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The New South Wales government will make it compulsory for schools to play Advance Australia Fair, Australia's national anthem before class this year.

Teachers at primary schools in NSW will also be required to introduce "Australian values" lessons from the beginning of this school year. The lessons are expected to teach children "what it means to be Australian" and include topics such as family values, community harmony, national heritage, national identity, cultural differences and Australian history.

The Three Rs will also be extended to five and include the topics of respect and responsibility. The NSW government claims that it needs to ensure people respect authority within the community.

Adults will not escape the government's plans to foster respect for authority with the government announcing it plans to create a new law enforcement package with new laws to make it easier for police to crack down on anti-social behaviour.

Fines and penalties for a range of offences such as damaging public property, including transport and housing, will also be reviewed.